22 September, 2013

What Men Are Afraid Of ? Top 10 Fears Of Men

Fears Of Men | Psychology Of Relationships

  It is commonly thought that men are the strong sex and they are not afraid of nothing and never , and that they always are cold-blooded in any situation . However the reality is different . Men are even more vulnerable than women , but they hide their weaknesses . Each man has a fear . Here you'll find 10 major phobias of men .

12 September, 2013

Criteria Of Attractiveness

Criteria Of Attractiveness | Psychology Of Relationships

  American psychologists  found that men are much more in agreement with each other on the issue of attractiveness of the opposite gender , than women .

06 September, 2013

9 Terrible Phrases That Enrage Your Men

Rage Man

   Despite their external power and equanimity , many men are quite vulnerable. Sometimes a  harmless from women's point of view phrase can harm them . Here are the most dangerous phrases that unsettle , annoy and insult the man. Memorize them and never use if you want to keep the relationship as well as save his and your own nerves .

03 September, 2013

Love and Drugs - Is There A Connection

Love And Drugs

Arthur Aron , a scholar of the New York Center of Psychology , explored such strong feelings as love and passion , and made some interesting conclusions ...

03 January, 2013

Psychology Of Kissing


   In wild nature kisses are rare occurrences, but they are not a wonder; swans, horses, dolphins, lions like to kiss too, but they do it on the other way, not as people.

  The only biological species which get enjoy from kissing and studying mouth of his partner, touching it with his lips is a person . There is reasonable question , why do people are so fond of kissing , especially when they are in love ?