06 September, 2013

9 Terrible Phrases That Enrage Your Men

Rage Man

   Despite their external power and equanimity , many men are quite vulnerable. Sometimes a  harmless from women's point of view phrase can harm them . Here are the most dangerous phrases that unsettle , annoy and insult the man. Memorize them and never use if you want to keep the relationship as well as save his and your own nerves .

1. "Your football - is nonsense ! "
For each man  his passion - is sacred. And no matter what he likes   : football , fishing , or computer "shooter" games - it is a part of his life, bringing him precious pleasure. Saying something against your dear companion, you run the risk to turn automatically into an enemy number 1.

  2 . " Let's not "
If a man wants to talk to you , and you walk away from the conversation, leaving him dissatisfied with a similar phrase , it usually leads to quarrels and omissions . Men , are not mind readers , like all of us  , so if you do not like something , it is better to explain it and to talk heart to heart .

  3 . " We need to talk "
Or : "I have a serious talk to you ," etc. There are phrases that instantly adjust interlocutor on negative mood. Especially if between them and the conversation itself should take some time imagine the condition of the man who will suffer all day worrying with uncertainty.

  4 . " But my mom said that ..."
Undoubtedly ,  parents - great authority , but if you continually refer to the opinion of your mother , a man may feel like he does not live with you , but with her . Talk to your mom , ask her for advice - this is, of course , there is nothing to be ashamed of , but when you argue with your husband  do not refer to it .

  5 . "I'm ugly / fat /  cook bad"
Do not criticize yourself in the presence of men ,  the stronger sex , as a rule , tend to believe on what they hear from us, and if you're constantly repeating to your beloved that  you are fat , then eventually it will all take a closer look closely to your body shape . If we talk  to man about ourselves , try to talk  only about  advantages - conversations about disadvantages leave for friends.

  6. "Why are you so ugly dressed ? "
Sometimes we don't understand the taste of men , and they - ours. This is quite normal and even natural phenomenon . Hearing from you direct criticism of his style , he is likely to perceive it as your usual " discontent by everything ." Instead of this , go with him to  shops and gently tell him what , to your mind , will suits him .

  7. "Don't look at her like that ! "
As is well known since the time of the primitive communal system , by nature men - are  hunters , so one glance at the outside pretty girl does not mean anything . It is a mistake to imagine right out of his companion's insidious " traitor to the motherland " and mentally to file for divorce. Such views are generally views and an end, so is it worth to raise a panic ? In addition, the 
behavior of the man shows that he is still sexually active : that's a plus . If  it hurts you  too much , try to give back to him by the same coin : just look at other boys , when he sees it .

  8. "You will not do that "
Variations : " This case is not serious ," " You're wasting your time for nothing ," "You can't do that ," etc. Undermine confidence in the man himself and develop his complex - probably the worst thing a woman can do . Even if you are very skeptical of what was intended by your partner , try to reconsider your point of view or at least don't tell it to him . In the end, time will tell which is which. Try to give maximum support to the favor , to help him by word and deed , more often say nice things to him .

  9. " But my ex in comparison with you ... "
This phrase - is a killer of relations. Men hate to be disadvantageous compared to the "former ", especially when it is connected with sex . Never say such things to your men , even if your ex was even  better than you man is .