22 June, 2014

6 Sensible Relationship Advice To Make Love On Distance Work

Long Distance Relationships | Psychology Of Relationships

   Here are 6 sensible advice on how to make love on distance work. Love, people fall in and out of love every day. As we all know love is a complicated adventure. As if the notion of love is not hard enough, we have to make it even more difficult by engaging in a long distance relationship.

  Long distance love requires a little extra consideration in some areas. Today with the explosion of online romances it pays to use a little common sense. Let’s explore some of those areas and see if we can shed some light on long distance love.

Take your time. In these stressful times many people are desperate for companionship and tend to jump into an online relationship too quickly. Take your time and get to know that person. Long distance love, even more than a local relationship requires patience. Don’t throw yourself in too quick and risk being hurt. If it’s meant to be a little extra time will not hurt. In fact it can only make the relationship deeper.

Don’t pretend to be more than you really are.  Be honest. I know it’s human nature to want to appear desirable to the other sex but, lying is not the way. If you intend to have a real, lasting and meaningful relationship with this person, someday you will meet. You want the other person to be honest with you, right?

Keep your jealousy and suspicions in check. It’s easy to start to wonder what the other person is doing when you can’t see them. But remember, they have a life, friends and responsibility just like you. Just because you don’t know exactly where they are and with who, doesn’t mean they are doing something wrong any more than you are.

Don’t read more into things than is there. If given the chance the other person will most likely explain things if you don’t accuse them immediately. Chill out and wait before you make a fool of yourself.

•   Block time out to actually talk to each other, especially in a long distance relationship, not just emails or texts. Just as if the other was just down the street work out a schedule to talk with them over the phone and not be interrupted or busy with other things. That will make them feel like they’re not that important, second choice. Texts or email are great as little “love notes” but, it’s not a substitute for a human voice with all the emotions it can hold.

Have fun. Don’t be too serious all the time; you can doom this long distance relationship before it even has a chance. Remember the other person is basing their feelings for you what they’re hearing on the phone. If you sound depressed or are full of problems every time you talk, your love one is not going to look forward to your calls for very long.