21 November, 2012

5 Signs That You Have Met The Right Person

5 criteria of love

     Even if you are madly in love with someone right now, you can not state whether this is the right choice for you. Are you sure that it's your partner for life, your one true love? Indeed, it is very difficult to understand.
     I'd like to help you decide , i'll give you five criteria of love help , so you can determine whether you have met "this one" person or not.

   1. You enjoy the company of each other.
When you play computer games or have dinner in the cafe, you will always have fun together. You're joking, laughing and seems to stay in endless happiness, when you are next to each other. You always look forward to your partner, even if you have been together for many years. You will never get bored to be in the one company with your beloved and you don't see the end of your happiness.

   2. You have common goals and beliefs.
Opposites do attract, but usually it does'nt fit well for long-term relationships. If you want to create a deep and lasting connection with your partner, compatibility is always the key. If you and your lover have different priorities, it would be difficult to work in the long term. On the other hand, if you are floating on the same wave, and your priorities are the same, then you both have a better chance of long-term happiness.

  3. You both support and trust each other.
For a long-term relationships you need to learn to trust each other. This means that you can rely on your partner in sickness and in health, in wealth and poverty. You also want to share every detail with that person, whether good or bad things. The desire to tell him their deepest secrets means that you trust your partner - a key element in a strong, flourishing, long-term love.

   4. Both of you remember your special event.
Your first meeting, your first kiss, any more interesting moments of your meetings. This suggests that you both are in love very much and seriously passionate about each other, because all of these exceptional moments are still in your memory.

  5. There's no place for drama.
If you and your partner do not quarrel with "stabbing" and deal with her mature and peaceful way, as, for example, to listen to each other carefully, admitting when you are wrong, apologize when you have crossed the edge, there is a good chance that your relationships will last a long time - you do'nt let the drama take place in your relationships.