06 March, 2018

Reasons Why Being In An Interracial Relationship Is Awesome

Reasons Why Being In An Interracial Relationship Is Awesome

As we approach a new era where people are more accepting of things that were once considered outlandish and a sin, people are now accepting interracial relationships like they are accepting gay communities. With the help of the Internet, people are meeting other people from different parts of the world. They now have access to meet people of different racial backgrounds.

Because of online dating, many people who are Latin, Asian, or White are dating black singles online. Moreover, dating interracial has many benefits that are why people consider this as an option when they date. Here are some reasons why being in an interracial relationship is awesome.

Interracial Relationship Teaches More

When in school, you are taught of the very basic of a certain culture. However, when you are interracially dating, you are given a non-tainted education about your partner’s race. You not only know their language but you also understand their norms and cultural behavior.

You are likely more thrilled to learn his or her language than those who study that certain language in school. Your idea of his or her racial behaviors will not be considered as another stereotype belief but rather a much precise opinion. This will also be the case with your partner. You two will both understand each other’s racial background.

You And Your Friends Speaks More Than Realist And Activists

If you are dating interracially, you are bound to hang out with your partner’s friends the same as your interracial partner is also bound to go out with your friends as well. Imagine if your friends and his or her friends hang out together with you. You will definitely create some squad goals with your group.

Onlookers will definitely think to themselves “It’s nice to see people of different races enjoying each other company.”. They will be given the perspective and hope that people can live harmoniously despite being of different racial backgrounds. Your mixed race squad will give the people a preview of what it is like if all races are united.

You Make Racism Less Meaningful

There will be people who will always be racists. Whether it's because of history or some generalized notion, people will always incorporate stereotypes. These reasons further ignite the issue of miscegenation.

However, with many people being in an interracial relationship put all of this criticism into naught. People will have an orthodox idea that dating interracially is not a sinful act. They will also understand that love sees no racial differences.

Your Greatest Ally Is Him/Her

Though your interracially dating, you are never exempted from racial discrimination and comments. Actually, you are likely to be the center of it. However, it is nice to know that you have an ally outside of your race, which is your partner.

Your partner can defend you from those people who are the same race as he or she is. People will have an unbiased perspective on racial aspects from your partner about your race. Your partner will be your number one defender and comforter when facing racial discrimination because he or she understands you well.

You Are Together Because Of Love And Respect

The reason why there is racial discrimination, police abuse, and so many more racial issues in this world is that people have no love and respect for each other. People use races like a caste system. One of the famous notions for this is your skin color. These are where the phrases “the whiter you are, the more high class you are” and “the darker your skin is, the lesser rights you have” come to light.

However, you and your partner are not together because any of you is higher than the other or just to get on a higher class. You are not together to rebel against your race. You are together because you have love and respect for each other. You and your partner together showing that love and respect are what we need to end racial discrimination once and for all.

With these many wonderful reasons, it is a no wonder why people choose to date interracially and fight for it. This is because they all aim for a better purpose which is a world with the unity of all races. A world unified with love and respect.

20 October, 2014

Survival Relationships

Survival Relationships

When the people involved in the relationship realize that they cannot survive in it on their own, then the relationship becomes a survival relationship. The choice of partner is out of emotions and there is no match in personalities of the two. It involves both a physical and emotional relationship and the fulfilling of the basic requirements of a married life. These people are unlikely to share common interests and qualities because of which there is not much that holds together this relationship. Each person tries to provide the other person which the things he or she does not have which makes the relationship a desperate, clinging one. Sometimes the relation can also become hostile and abusive. In these relationships, the partners often abuse each other physically. The people involved become overwhelmed at any sign of affection and caring because of which they are not sure how to receive it. The partners are desperate to just have the other person around them even if they have to fight.

 However, this kind of connection gives a much better feeling than being institutionalized. Because both the partners are scared to be alone, they desperately try to find a replacement the moment they get out of one relationship. This relationship turns out to be a co dependent one.

Pastime Relationships

Pastime Relationships

The pastime relationships are generally meant for fun and recreation. There are hardly any expectations although some people allow themselves to attach hope with these relationships. Summer romance is a good example of this kind of relationship. The pastime relationship is not a long term relationship and the circumstances create an even low probability of the relationship being an enduring one. Only expectations with this relationship are those of passion, tenderness and delight.

02 October, 2014

Avoidance Relationships

Avoidance Relationships

 In avoidance relationships, the people involved try to protect themselves from falling in deep intimate relationships with the other person and do not want to share their entire feelings with them. This relationship also includes those people who have just come out of a relationship and have not gotten over the painful feelings of failure and loss of splitting. The people whose life is overshadowed with traumatic events like death of a near relative, partner or a close friend are also a part of the group of people belonging to this category. They fear that if they get very close to the new person, the painful experience will surface again. The people specially choose those partners with whom they do not have to share the deeper feelings and emotions which they want to avoid.

 Another important feature of this relationship is that the partner may be someone who does not fit into the person’s remaining life. The partner will not have the same importance and compassion as the previous partner did. In such cases, more emphasis may be given to sex as a means of controlling the painful emotions. The beginnings and endings of these relationships are often immediate. There is a low chance of self disclosure and a high amount of mistrust.

21 September, 2014

Experimental Relationships

Experimental Relationships

  These relationships are just for trying out. In this relationship, a person who chooses his partners emotionally is made to choose partners who are extremely different than what he prefers. The motive of these experimental relationships is to find out the ways in which another person can be related to this person and what the relationship will become if this happens. These kinds of relationships help us in discovering new ways of interacting with each other, in ways we thought were not possible for us. It also helps in discovering those parts of one’s personality that are unknown to him and then nurturing them in order to develop them and grow. These relationships can be compared to dating which possess the quality of exploration and experimentation. The people involved in this relationship have an uncanny knack of striking a connection which clicks for the both of them and may even evolve further into a more dominant one. This type of relationship usually influences the choices of the person which help him in founding a suitable partner in the next relationship.

16 September, 2014

Transitional Relationships

Transitional Relationships

 In the transitional relationships, there is a cross between the new and the old, between the patterns that people were trying to change. This helps them in handling old conflicts and issues in a better way without causing any harm to the older relationship. The people involved in this relationship can also try to find out improved ways of relating to each other and developing their characters. It is a good way of practicing for a long term relationship which is much healthier than the older one, and can sometimes even evolve into a new relationship.

 In case one of the members in the relationship gets deeply attached to the patterns of the older relationship or falls back into the same habits which led to the failure of the previous relationship, then the transitional relationship faces problems. Sometimes it even turns out to be like the relationship which led to this new relationship. This is called a transference relationship which is described later on. When the people involved in the transitional relationship have achieved their aims and worked out their problems, they can end it in a more efficient and caring manner.