07 December, 2012

Having Sex Early In A Relationships Can Harm It

early sex porelationships

  Parents are right, encouraging their children to delay initiation of sexual relationships with their loved ones. Scientists from the United States conducted a study which showed that couples who do not immediately began a sexual relationships in the long run have been more happy with each other, than that which has entered into a sexual relationship quickly.

   In the course of a research found that women who engage in sexual relations not quick, were much happier. Moreover, the results of those who waited at least six months, in all categories, even a sexual life, were significantly higher than in those who had sex during the first month relationships.

   In men, the differences in performance were not so great. But those who do not have sexual relations until psychological intimacy, they were somewhat higher.

   So, basically at the beginning of abstinence relations satisfied the fair half of mankind. However, couples who have sex did not begin immediately, tend to marry, and the feeling in him much happier.

   Scientists say such a pattern is related to the fact that delaying sexual activity enables partners to know each other more carefully, to feel the compatibility of the characters. If such recognition period is missing, partners are harder to detect with their feelings for each other, which ultimately can lead to the inability of future relations and parting: "Courtship - a period of" intelligence "and the decision-making about the relationship, where the partners assess compatibility, take certain obligations and establish emotional and physical intimacy. The early sexual activity can interrupt this process by forcing the entry of both sides in sozhitelsky union instead decide to enter it at all in it. Strong sexual desire can interfere with the development and other key components of a healthy relationship, such as obligations, mutual understanding and shared values. Good sex is sometimes confused with love, and some couples end up revising the problematic aspects of their relationship, which ultimately are more important "- explain the researchers.