11 December, 2012

How to Pick Up Sexy Woman in Clubs?

Sexy Woman In Club

  I don't care if you look like a wart hog. I don't care if you're on welfare living in a dilapidated mobile home. You CAN discover how to pick up devastatingly sexy women in clubs. This is just one tactic and you should have a comprehensive guide that will show you how to precisely pick up all the women you could ever want.

  First, women go to clubs in packs. They pack up for safety. If you want to pick up a woman you're going to have to learn how to 'break up a set'. We call groups of girls, sets. Walk by the set and say anything you want... my favorite I've seen been used with success is 'Isn't (name of bar down the street) having two for one drink specials tonight?' This will garner attention. They'll begin to discuss if the bar you mentioned is, in fact, having a drink special. Now you're in.. You've broken the set.

   So join the conversation... but stay aloof. Turn your body away from the group and take steps away and then step back occasionally. Even move around the group if you can. This changes the group dynamic. They'll see you're not there to stay and it will make them want to keep you around. They'll draw you into more conversation and soon you'll be getting to know the women through deeper conversation.

   Now before you break up the set you need to decide which woman you want beforehand. Now once the set is broken shift into deflection technique. Pay less attention to the woman you want. Don't look at her as often, don't face her and engage her less often than you do the other women. This will spark jealousy and she'll think you're not attracted to her. She'll begin to touch you more and she'll try to win your attention.

   Keep this up... the harder she tries to get your attention, the more you should flirt with her friends.

   By the end of the night the girl you want will be all over you trying to beat out her friends for your attention. Slowly give in to her. Slowly let yourself return the attention, but always give a little bit less than she gives you. If you do this, chances are definitely likely that you'll be going to her house for a night of hot, steamy sex. Visit How to Pick-Up Sexy Women in Clubs.