05 December, 2012

How To Save A Relationship?


  Have a relationships with a young man - very simple. Next it would be good to keep them on the best stage. There are several female secrets that will not only help to build strong relationships, but also make you a woman of dreams. And  "How to save a relationship?"

  Be prepared to compromise - means leaving behind youthful maximalism, and acknowledge that a man who is around you, literally next to you, not beneath you. You equivalent actors (and also objects) relations, and thus can have a point of view that are different, but that is equivalent in value. And when your positions are opposite, to look for the "average" between them - an option that is more or less satisfied with both.

No competition
  Do not try to get around in something a young man. Either professionally or intellectually or physically, and even playing cards in the "drunkard." And if you suddenly was objectively better than him at something, do not need to focus on this. Competition only hinders relationships. And win a man to pieces can be under two circumstances: for fun and if you have a birthday.

The command "Stop!"
  Quarrels are necessary in any relationships. Another question is that even swearing should control himself and think before speak. During an argument it is important to stay within its causes, to adhere to its rules: you can not remember old grievances and stop all of the claims in the bunch.
Agree with the other half use the "Stop!". When one of you is going too far, the other partner may exercise its right to stop. This means that you, or he needs a few minutes of rest, so as not to give each other to say things that may be sorry later.

Learn to listen
  If he tells the story about Warcraft, brewing technology or by bulk, so it's important to him. Perhaps just as important as you. Try to listen and respond reflexively at least something like "Wow," even if you do not understand anything.
At the same time not push him, that he said something, because ...

Sometimes he needs to be alone
  A man loves to go into the cave. Not literally of course. So is the state when he is upset or needs something to think about. (Details can be found in a brilliant book "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" by John Gray.) Be calm, it will sort out themselves and come out of his cave.

Do not lie, even in small things
  Just because it's ugly. And if you do not want to say anything to him, just Formulate it differently.
Perhaps the first of these suggestions will be difficult, but then this behavior becomes a habit. Remember that the relationship can not be successful on their own, you need to work on them.