23 December, 2012

Return The Ex If The Relationship Is Not "Finished"


    Unfinished psychologists call a relationship, when parting was at the peak of the senses, under mysterious circumstances, the result of chance or fluctuations partner. Their essential feature is the need for remembering, internal dialogue, a willingness to learn about the life of the former, look for meetings. Not even looking specifically to each other, people with unfinished relationships constantly getting on each other's eyes.

  "If people like a magnet attracted to each other - is a sure sign that the relationships, albeit in a different form, still exist in the lives of both. If so, must-meet, to talk, to understand what happened between you and who feels the other.

  Further, the two options, to understand themselves, the two are reunited again either, or finally leave. Then it will be already completed relations ", - says Andrew.

  So, if you pull back the ex, precisely because you do not feel that you have left intentionally, for some good reason, then return it to at least the time to dot all the i in the suspended situation.

  The first thing you need to do is, of course, to meet him, "accidentally" or by chance - decide. Do not show once again the desire to start a relationships and certainly do not tell and do not show that to live without it you can not.


  Behave naturally, show him that you are happy to see that you are not indifferent to it. Talk "about everything" who, what is now engaged, etc. When the contact is established, dared to ask him, "Do you remember why we broke up?" Or "Do you think we did the right thing when the break up? '. Catch his reaction. Doubt? Avoiding conversation? Or confidence?

  Still try to determine why you broke up, and so there is significant is this reason to end a relationship that you do not let go until now. If you have determined that the cause and think that in the future, you have the power to avoid such an end, then go ahead.

  If, after this man was talking to you in every possible way to hide, so for him this reason - the end of a relationships and you should not bother him, because still no good it will not. And if he does not take decisive action, but does not give up meeting and sometimes goes with you to the connection on their own, then consider that a victory is in your pocket.

  Try more to see him, do not call often, but to be felt. Show a man that has changed with regard to the stone block that you part the first time. Your attitude, your behavior, focuses on this.

  Let fleeting question about the causes of separation will be the last issue that somehow relates to your past relationships, it is better not to go into active memory, do not compare, do not discuss what was. Along with good memories and bad back, and then you'll be nothing.
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