09 December, 2012

What The Shape Of Female Breast Can Talk About Personality?

Female Breast

   Italian experts say: a woman's breast can tell a lot about her personality and character. Sexologist Piero Lorenzoni said the bust defines her character, more than the horoscope. He identified several types of breast according to its size and shape, and each of these types of names given certain fruits: melon, lemon, pineapple, grape, orange, cherry, pear.

  Women with large breasts in the form of a rounded melon "love to eat, want to be pampered, they like their love, but they themselves rarely like sex."

  Breast, lemon-shaped, they say that their owners' full of life and are able to laugh at themselves. They prefer a balanced life, do not assume there are no surprises. "

  Owners of broad, oval chest "pineapple" romantic, intelligent, and strive for a successful career. "These ladies are usually the most loyal. But to win a woman's heart, the pineapple is not so easy," - says Piero Lorenzoni.

 Sexy women are no different from the hard, jutting breasts "Grapes", "they can look sexy, but in fact, they - the shy and unassuming homebody. They can indulge the desires of a partner, but prefer sex affection."

 Women with breast "orange" is not very good. "Because they are very sure of themselves and know exactly what they want, they are interested in sex less often. They like conversations and partnerships," explains sexologist.

 Very interesting lady with small breasts "cherries" - they are "funny and quite excitability." In bed, they are creative, but they are interested in sex as long as.

Very sexy chest holders in the form of a pear. "Love in all its forms. It can be quite religious, but she knows how to have sex."