03 September, 2013

Love and Drugs - Is There A Connection


Love And Drugs

Arthur Aron , a scholar of the New York Center of Psychology , explored such strong feelings as love and passion , and made some interesting conclusions ...

   Many of us depend on different things . Habits include a variety of things and events - from the regime of the day to his favorite mug of tea we drink . We begin to feel uncomfortable when forgo anything out of the usual . We are getting used to and feel the need , as in a drug addiction. According to the latest research can be attributed to drugs and an emotional expression as love.

   This is confirmed by the fact that our brain is the center that receives and processes the feelings caused by a romantic relationship . This center is activated when drug are used . That is, our brain perceives love like a drug . The gray matter in this case evokes an emotional response that is responsible for reward and motivation. To paraphrase , we can say that we choose a partner , and our brain starts to be motivated so that we begin to create, to work hard and do absolutely unexpected things .

   Even if you turn to painting, poetry, music and other art forms , the most of the masterpieces were created at the peak of the emotional state of their authors. So we are subconsciously trying to commit deeds to satisfy the object of adoration. According to one of the scientists neurological center Lucy Brown of Albert Einstein : " A man in love can be totally happy , but quite often a feeling of happiness accompanied by a feeling of anxiety ." She also argues that a sufficient stimulation of this part of the brain prompts us to have sex . In New York the center of psychology Arthur Aron concluded: "The love and passion , as well as drugs , activate the same region of the brain ." Such  psychologists' approval  came by examining magnetic resonance images of the brain of ten women who were in love .