22 September, 2013

What Men Are Afraid Of ? Top 10 Fears Of Men

Fears Of Men | Psychology Of Relationships

  It is commonly thought that men are the strong sex and they are not afraid of nothing and never , and that they always are cold-blooded in any situation . However the reality is different . Men are even more vulnerable than women , but they hide their weaknesses . Each man has a fear . Here you'll find 10 major phobias of men .

  1. To do something wrong
Each man has a situation when he is afraid of doing something wrong . Simply saying " to be screwed up ". It can be connected with carreer , money , personal life , etc . Sometimes he fears to blurt something out of place or fail , making a joke : it can hurts his self-esteem and ,thus, unsettle .

Very often men are conservative , they are afraid of changes .Even if a representative of a strong sex knows that this changes will be useful , the fear of changing exists : what if something will go wrong .

Men mostly don't like critisism , though ,they try to show that they don't care . In fact , one wrong word and one quizzical glance are able to undermine man's self-confidence .

  4.His entourage don't like his girlfriend
Many men are really scared about the fact that their newly chosen girl may not be liked by his friends and family .Try , if it is possible , to fing common with his friends and relatives .

  5.Losing of status and state
Each man , it doesnt mean how strong and brave he is, deep inside are afraid of loosing status and state , especially, if the have amassed it by themselves . At a slightest hint of problems in this area he may panic and react by unpredictable actions.

Men Fears | Psychology Of Relationships

  6.Female suprimacy
Man not only want to be strong , but he is also obsessed by leadership. Men is very hurted when his fiancee is greater than he is : for example , when she earns more than he does , or has reached a significant height in her career .Even if you understand that you became better than your partner , try to not show it to him .

  7.Woman's tears
A man can stoically endure our tantrums, but the appearance of sweeping woman is able to drive him to a strange feeling . He can immediately to feel himself guilty and unworthy . For this reason it is not recommended to use tears as a way of manipulating , try to use more human ways .

  8.Female unfaithfulness
We know , that our men are incredible owners and even a small thought that their women can go to a bad with someone else is able to bring them to madness.Any hints on the infidelity of men's fiancee can be perceived very painfully , so if you want to make him jealous do it with extreme caution and do not overplay.

The worsest nightmare of a man : his precious sexual power leaves him . If it happens ( Oh , horror ). It will wound his honor , pride and dignity , his own ego .

Wedding | Psychology Of Relationships

Wedding - it is a dream of each woman and a big fright of many man .Already mentioned fear of changes , fear of being unable to protect and provide own family , fear of losing passion and romantic , as well as freedom , fear of losing "private life" - all of that makes a potential spouse to delay marriage for an indefinite period . To the question of marriage we should approach with extreme caution : do not insist and blackmail , just intelligently and gradually touch up a man to the secret of marriage proposal