20 May, 2014

Tips To Find Lasting Relationship With The Right Partner

Lasting Relationship | Psychology Of Relationships

  Every year thousands of couples make the choice to get married. At the same time, thousands of other couples make the choice to get divorced. When it comes to love and relationships, is it really possible to find one special person to spend the rest of your life with.

13 May, 2014

15 Great Date Ideas To Impress And Excite Your Loved One

Date Ideas | Psychology Of Relationships

  Our reader shared this useful article with us. It contains useful hints which can help you to improve your relationships and cheer up your partner.

  Inspiring great date ideas. It was at a wedding dinner. A friend of the newly wed shared with the audience dating ideas to help keep the romance going even after the glow has long faded.

  Of course I took as many notes as I can, hoping that it would also inspire my husband of 25 years to take action to keep the candle burning. But before I share the ideas here, there are questions to ponder upon before diving into action.
What is the personality type of your partner?
Is he/she outgoing or more of an introvert?
What activity does he/she like to do, shop or chill out in the park or immerse himself in the beauty of the paintings in the muzuem?
Does he/she like the sun of afraid of getting sun-burnt?
Does he/she like activities full of adrenaline flow or something calmer?
Answering the above questions might save you lots of unnecessary conflicts and misunderstanding. It also shows that you have put much thoughts into making the date a great one. Which in itself is pretty impressive.

  Here are the 15 activities that I personally adore:
Play table-tennis, or badminton, golf or whatever games that both of you enjoy.
Learn to dance together.
Go on short holiday trips.
Take a walk in the park or garden.
Picnic by the beach or go for a swim.
Visit Guilin in China, full of beautiful untouched landscape springing with surprises at every location. - beautiful parks, hills, caves.
Go to the spa and relax.
Take language classes and learn how to sing romantic praises to him.
Go shopping and pick up a romantic item for each other.
Cook together and impress with your culinary skills.
Watch a movie and have dinner thereafter.
Take pictures of your beloved in the park, in the garden, in the shopping mall. Wherever that you both enjoy hanging out.
Visit the muzuem.
Play indoor games like monopoly, charade, pictionary.
Have coffee at a relaxing restaurant or alfresco style where you just watch people go by.
Take a bicycle ride around your neighborhood and just enjoy the moment.

There you go.

04 May, 2014

How To Act Like Lady, Think Like Man

Act Like Lady Think Like Man | Psychology Of Relationships

  There are several ways to go with this subject. Exactly what does act like a lady mean? By whose standard are we measuring what being a lady means? What you may think is acting like a lady is totally different from my experience. The same can be said for “think like a man”. By whose standard are we measuring that?
If we take the historical view of society, to act like a lady means; to be submissive, emotionally, polite, nurturing and attractive. To think like a man means; to be head of household, a leader, provider, logical and dependable.

 Well, let’s explore a few ways you can act like a lady and think like a man:

Tip 1:
 Don’t beat around the bush. When most men have something to say they just blurt it out and usually without thinking of the consequences. Well if you want to think like a man but act like a lady you should develop this skill but with a twist, say what you mean without a lot of drama but use your lady like politeness when you do it.

Tip 2:
 Don’t be afraid to take charge. It is commonly expected for men to take charge of a situation and for women to take a backseat role. Don’t be afraid to take the lead. You may feel unsure of yourself but guess what? Most men are unsure and that never stopped them!

Tip 3: 
 Be logical. It is commonly assumed that men make logical decisions while women make decisions based on emotions. Well there is nothing wrong with a blend of both. Make decisions based on what you know is the right answer but temper that with just a touch of lady like emotion.

Tip 4:
 Don’t worry. Men tend to not spend a lot of time worrying about the details; they just like to take action. So if you want to think like a man, don’t worry, just get moving and get it done.

Tip 5:
 Don’t be afraid of conflict. Women get stereotyped as being afraid of workplace conflicts while men take the view, It’s just business. Don’t be afraid to stand your ground, it’s not personal; it’s just part of getting the job done.

Tip 6:
 Don’t over think your wardrobe. Men don’t spend a lot of time and worry over their looks. Yes, men want to look good, but it’s not something they fret over. Men don’t dress for work to attract someone; they dress for authority and to get the job done.

Tip 7:
 Sex. Society tends to expect men to be the aggressor concerning sex. Why? What you have is just as important as what he has. Don’t be afraid to go for what you want, don’t wait to be chosen. Do the choosing instead.

Tip 8:
 Be steady. This, in a man’s world means being someone whose attitude and ethics are a known commodity. Be a person whom others don’t have to wonder how you will react.

Tip 9:
 Goals. Most men go into the working world with a goal in mind to rise to the top. Sadly, much of society has relegated women to a support role. Don’t accept that! Make goals!

Tip 10:
 Be better. Don’t just think like a man and act like a lady, be better than that. Take the good points from both sides; add a female twist and come up with a course of action better than How to act like a lady and think like a man”.