13 May, 2014

15 Great Date Ideas To Impress And Excite Your Loved One

Date Ideas | Psychology Of Relationships

  Our reader shared this useful article with us. It contains useful hints which can help you to improve your relationships and cheer up your partner.

  Inspiring great date ideas. It was at a wedding dinner. A friend of the newly wed shared with the audience dating ideas to help keep the romance going even after the glow has long faded.

  Of course I took as many notes as I can, hoping that it would also inspire my husband of 25 years to take action to keep the candle burning. But before I share the ideas here, there are questions to ponder upon before diving into action.
What is the personality type of your partner?
Is he/she outgoing or more of an introvert?
What activity does he/she like to do, shop or chill out in the park or immerse himself in the beauty of the paintings in the muzuem?
Does he/she like the sun of afraid of getting sun-burnt?
Does he/she like activities full of adrenaline flow or something calmer?
Answering the above questions might save you lots of unnecessary conflicts and misunderstanding. It also shows that you have put much thoughts into making the date a great one. Which in itself is pretty impressive.

  Here are the 15 activities that I personally adore:
Play table-tennis, or badminton, golf or whatever games that both of you enjoy.
Learn to dance together.
Go on short holiday trips.
Take a walk in the park or garden.
Picnic by the beach or go for a swim.
Visit Guilin in China, full of beautiful untouched landscape springing with surprises at every location. - beautiful parks, hills, caves.
Go to the spa and relax.
Take language classes and learn how to sing romantic praises to him.
Go shopping and pick up a romantic item for each other.
Cook together and impress with your culinary skills.
Watch a movie and have dinner thereafter.
Take pictures of your beloved in the park, in the garden, in the shopping mall. Wherever that you both enjoy hanging out.
Visit the muzuem.
Play indoor games like monopoly, charade, pictionary.
Have coffee at a relaxing restaurant or alfresco style where you just watch people go by.
Take a bicycle ride around your neighborhood and just enjoy the moment.

There you go.