03 September, 2014

How To Attract Men

How To Attract Men | Psychology Of Relationships

  Attracting men takes a little more effort than you would think. If you think you’re God’s gift to men and that you’re going to have to beat them away with a stick, you’re wrong.

 All that is going to get you is a short term romance based on lust not love or worse, a one night stand. If you’re looking for something more than that, maybe we could shed a little light on the best way to end up with a blissful relationship.

 Contrary to what people think is the stereotype; men want more than just physical beauty, they need substance also. Sure sometimes looks attract a man, but not for keeps.

Smile | Psychology Of Relationships

A few tips are:

  •         Be comfortable with who you are. Everybody has faults, strive to be the best you can. Be confident in yourself and it will be your most attractive feature.
  •         Smile. While it may not help you keep a man it will show that you are content and approachable.
  •         While this may sound sexist, learn to cook. If you’re looking for a long blissful relationship, your man will want to eat. While eating out every night sounds fancy, it gets old real fast. Men still like women who are able to cook, I think it’s a mothers cooking thing.
  •         Don’t act like the damsel in distress. Be a little self-reliant. In the long run men want a partner they can count on not someone they have to babysit.
  •         Flirting. You may have flirted a little to get his attention. Well, don’t stop! Continue to show that you are interested. Flirting can keep that spark alive and keep that relationship vibrant for a long time.

  This next piece of advice may sound old-fashioned but it’s still true. If you’re looking for a long term relationship, look for someone that you are compatible with, someone who is close to the same social status as you are. While it may sound romantic to marry the rich young doctor, unless you are close to the same educational and social status, the strain of the differences might eventually wear the relationship out. That kind of romance is best saved for novels.

Flirting | Psychology Of Relationships

 Another piece of advice, which ties into the last paragraph is, be yourself. As in tip #1, be comfortable with who you are. Don’t try to pretend you are someone you’re not. Men will see through that fairly soon and will move on. If you’re confident with who you are men will see that and in turn they will feel more at ease and open up.
 Learning how to attract men and end up with a better chance at a long and blissful relationship is not that hard. Think about what kind of person you really are, be the best you can and look for someone that can be happy with who you are.